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How Times Change

With the continued downturn of the Oil price against the barrel the Upstream (E&P) market is at breaking point. Many agencies decided to diversified into new revenue streams, such as Power T&D – Nuclear – Renewables. Whilst others failed to predict  that the glut would still be here in 2016,(And according to analysts this will continue well into 2017) are facing the evitable, having slashed staffing and over-heads.

‘Energy’ is a hugely candidate led market, with agencies across the UK & Internationally  constantly seeking experienced staffing consultants across P – N – R.

Having seen the mass exodus from Oil & Gas, Rite Recruit have also had to diversify with the market requirements and actions hence our ‘Energy’ team has been formed since 2014. From a R2R view we literally saw the demise happen right in front of us.

It started with Expats on significant salaries and guarantees  reaching out, worried about Visa’s and housing allowances having seen job requirements diminish overnight, many now back in the UK working different markets or out of recruitment entirely.

Agencies would call us for advise, asking what other agencies are doing, who’s hiring and in what sectors. Have you heard this…….? I hear ???? are in trouble.


These last 18 months have been a real eye opener for Rite Recruit, having opened communication channels with individuals and agencies we may never have had the opportunity to have dealt with before the glut. We believe we are in a prime position to support the ‘Energy’ disciplines, having  kept  in touch with what where Senior level recruiters / Managers in E&P just waiting for that all important recovery.

Our new web-site is now online for testing, and we would welcome comments regarding bugs you might encounter

We looking forward to working with you in the future.