Set up in 2008, we pride ourselves on being one of the first Rec 2 Rec agencies to offer specialist divisions in the recruitment sectors.


Starting with High Street, IT, Construction & Medical we have successfully developed and expanded our area of expertise, launching a global energy division in 2010 followed by our finance and accountancy division in 2011 and recently introducing education in 2013.

At Rite Recruit we believe our key to success can be summed up with a 3 letter abbreviation KYC

Know Your Client & Know Your Candidate

We have spent many years building a strong client and candidate network and recording the information on one of the finest recruitment CRMs available in the market. We deal with only the best, most reputable agencies, which will nurture our introductions and offer them the career they are looking for.
The Rec 2 Rec market is not an easy one and comes with many challenges. We believe in our strategy of employing sector specialists as they know first-hand what they are talking about, and understand what they are selling. Too many failed recruiters are setting up Rec 2 Rec agencies and putting themselves forward as specialist recruiters when we know our growth and success since 2008 has been based on hard work, blood, sweat and tears, in order for us to claim to be a true premier agency offering careers in recruitment to all who wish to be considered.